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Thank you for visiting the Novel tab. Hatoful Boyfriend is a really thrilling visual novel with detailed worldbuilding and story pieces that slide together like puzzles. But at the end of the day, my favorite character in the series is the villain, Shuu... When I finished both the games, I was in love... ♥ ... Especially the second game, since it shows a secret and sensitive piece of his life. His complicated feelings of grief about Ryuuji and honoring Ryuuji's memory. But there still are a lot of unfilled gaps in the lore and a lot of questions to be asked about Shuu's history. So what originally started out as a few headcanons to pad out my fantasy, evolved into a whole fanfiction universe. I began developing and writing a story about Shuu's life... And love is a crucial part of Hatoful's narrative, the narrative that Shuu Iwamine is doomed by... So I created a universe where there is a happy ending for him.

Shuu is not the only main character in Hatoful Boyfriend though. His foil and nemesis in a way is Hitori Uzune. And between Hitori and his narrative, there is a third character named Kazuaki Nanaki. The "Staff Trio", the three quails of Hatoful. chukar partridges are called quails in some languages-

This is all a pompous way of saying that I am an intense shipper of Shuu and Kazuaki-kun and believe that they can make a really good couple. And then I wrote a long fanfic series to show my vision. I originally wrote and posted many chapters on a certain fanfic hosting website, but it began circa 2019 so my ideas and writing skills have changed a lot since then. I'd like to see if i can rewrite my former vision to make it better than before. And for the time being, I'll host this new story and new chapters here, on this website. :D

Here's some info about my writing


Drama, Young Adult Romance, Comedy, LGBT, Science Fiction
Medical Procedures, Antisocial Behavior, Mental and Physical Illness
My writing generally doesn't stick to either 'just bird forms' or 'just human forms'. Basically, you can imagine them as humans by default, but I'll also make bird-specific references to simulate the style of the source material. You know, how in the Hatoful manga, some chapters are in bird form and some randomly are drawn in human form. Like that.

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