hi!!! Thanks for checking out the Gallery tab! Well, I've been drawing ShuuKazu ship art since like 2019 when I got into the game properly... I'm sure I've posted at least like 170 drawings of them over the years, but most of them have been really wonky doodles. And lost. But I decided to reupload here a few goodish illustrations I made over the years.

They are posted in chronological order
OLDEST at the top
NEWEST at the bottom !

» Last Updated: 14.02.2024

chibis of shuukazu teenage shuukazu shuukazu getting married in tuxedos shuu and the king shuukazu taking a selfie kazuaki bridal carrying shuu shuu snuggling kazuaki while kazuaki uses the laptop shuukazu looking at the camera kazuaki hugging shuu from behind remake of the previous drawing of shuu and the king kazuaki reading shuu a book while shuu has a cold shuu falls asleep while leaning against kazuaki's shoulder shuukazu getting married in tuxedos... fullbody art shuukazu sketch neg piedpiper and demon form wallenstein sleep in a field. wallenstein's demon form looks like a dragon kazuaki eating potato chips tiktok redrawing of shuukazu, kazuaki has the caption 'me having the fat ass so my gf doesnt have to' shuukazu in bed. kazuaki looks concerned at shuu's burn scarring. wallenstein and neg piedpiper shuu poking kazuaki's stomach and saying 'liver, spleen, right kidney, left kidney, it's all a perfect mechanism, is it not? hohoho...' shuukazu

shuukazu shuukazu