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Welcome to this....... website. It's a shrine dedicated to Shuu Iwamine, and a pairing involving him that has had an absurdly big impact on my life. This site is also an extension of the gekiyaku website. That one is a handbook dedicated to general things Hatoful related, while this one is specifically about my doujin work and BL.

On LovingShuu you'll find my own fanart of Shuu in the gallery tab and my fanfiction novel in the novel tab. If I stay committed, there may be more things in the future too. I thought about Iwamine-kun every single day for ~3 years nonstop throughout highschool, so I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about him and the source material. If you're reading this, and if you're interested in seeing more of the site, I'm incredibly grateful and I hope you'll like my stuff!!!

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Shuu and The King's character designer, and Hatoful co-creator. Support her here!! ↓